I’m on a mission to find and define a treatment guide for EDS. This treatment guide is based on ways to manage and cope with the effects of EDS in daily life. The treatments I’m exploring focus on changing one’s lifestyle and environment to match the needs of EDS. As opposed to changing or fighting the EDS itself, I’ve learned to accept it, acknowledge it, and work with it.

My goal is to prevent future problems and learn to live within the context of my current symptoms. I’m working on summarizing my findings in a book and taking a deeper look at the psychological wounds of EDS. In the meantime, I’ve come across many products, practices, and lifestyle modifications that are vital to my day to day survival. I want to share this information with the EDS community as soon as possible, so I created this blog! This is in an attempt to curate all useful information regarding how to feel better and how to function better with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

lifestyle tips, products reviews, inventions, ergonomics

I hope this information helps you find at least one more way to have a better day today!