Invisible Not Broken Podcast Interview

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Invisible Not Broken is a Podcast that reaches all over the world featuring patients with invisible illnesses. The Podcast is run Monica Michelle and an anonymous co- creator who have some pretty amazing goals !

Podcast Intentions 


  • “Help others be kinder and more gentle with each other. ”  -Monica Michelle
  • “Help educate the public that there are some rather awful diseases and disorders that need attention and funding.” -Monica Michelle
  • “My hope is that, through this podcast, I can help people to not feel as isolated when dealing with the daily ups and downs of living with an invisible disability.”  – co-creator
  • You are not alone. We’re there with you, every step, hobble, stumble, or spin of the wheels. “- co-creator

Embrace The Brace Feature

Jasmine from Embrace the Brace about Ehlers Danlos, Medical School, Competitive Climbing, and Running A Health Blog

jasmine-from-embrace-the-brace-about-ehlers-danlos-medical-school-and-running-a-wellness-blog-a-chronic-illness-podcast-Pinterest-2A new episode of Invisible Not Broken is released weekly. I was honored to be one of the latest guests on the show! I discussed the fuel behind the fire of the Embrace The Brace project. I’m hoping this feature will help unite more of a community behind this project. I don’t want to be the only one writing on here, there are many more knowledgable humans out there with their own unique outlook on life with chronic illness.

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If you enjoyed this podcast and want to support this project, subscribe and rate the show on iTunes.  This is an easy way to help make the podcast more visible to others. You can also check out their merchandise options available on  or support the project on .




Other EDS Features

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