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zoffin sketch april 2017Zoffin: A full body sleep positioning aid made for Ehlers Danlos patients.

(The original  design looked eerily  like a coffin and thus it was nick named “the zebra coffin” which led to “The Zoffin” )

Let me tell you guys a story, I spent four years trying to design the perfect sleeping device to stabilize joints and evenly distribute pressure during sleep. From my short experience in medical school I remembered the horrible stories of patients developing bed sores from immobility. I figured if I could come up with a design  that would solve both these problems it would surely be marketable and funded which would free EDS patients from nighttime suffering.  It all seemed like such simple problem to be solved with good engineering, but I turned out to be very wrong going up against gravity with such naivety. Here’s the story and my notes so that someone else can hopefully take over and  become inspired with a new more logical approach.

The Beginning

The project began to take off after I  discovered the amazing properties of floating in zero gravity water. I realized there could be a way to create a positioning device that would mimic a zero gravity effect by evenly distributing force throughout the body.

Currently Available Product 

Pea Pod Sleep Support -> read more 

  • Note that this product is literally illegal in the United States last I checked ( fall of 2018). The company has other products which have pass FDA inspection, but the sleep support is not qualified and will not make it through customs.


Zoffin Trials, Construction, & Notes

Before I begin, let me admit this is all 100% ridiculous, but I was desperate to sleep without dislocating or squashing nerves.

Trial 1: Pillow Positioning 

  • Each time pressure is relieved from one area it gets re – distributed and causes secondary problems, ex) removing pressure from the ankle put more pressure on the knee, removing pressure from the knee put more pressure on the lower back… 

Z post frim2

Trial 2: Getting Gravity Involved 

  • Using gravity in a specific area caused the same problems with pressure re- distribution and was amplified even more than when using pillows as supports
  • This led to the theory that maybe it would be possible to design a full body sling which would use the body to counterbalance  itself 

Trial 3: Swinging Through The Night 

Images of inspiration

  • Sorry for the terrible documentation!  …this project is long gone into the landfill
  • For this concept to work it would need to be close to distribute ones weight near perfectly and be custom designed for each individual. I could not figure out how to make adjustments alone.


Trial 4: Bean Weights 

  • The bean bag weights are heavy but do not keep enough form to be highly beneficial


As a final conclusion to this project I’ve been sleeping on the floor with elevated knees and a weighted blanket.  The end! Now it’s someone else’s turn to evaluate this sleeping situation.



  1. Your blog is wonderful and I wish I could read it more often. I watch all your videos though. I’m not on pain meds and am about as physically stable as you… In a totally different way. Really struggling with CCI. We bought a RIZE bed and I can get into a modified trundelenberg to help my SFL very, very quickly! Still bracing up to live an optimal life.


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