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A Light In The Darkness, by Lisa Sniderman

A Light in the Darkness COVER front coverA Light in the Darkness, by Lisa A. Sniderman is an inspiring memoir that resonates deep in the heart. Sniderman’s account of “transcending chronic illness through the power of art and attitude” , is a brilliant example of how one can hold onto happiness and find success within the worst of circumstances. Diagnosed with the rare chronic autoimmune disease Dermatomyositis (DM) in 2008, her world of independence and adulthood was flipped upside down. A Light In The Darkness, takes the reader through a conversational journey as she learns to find balance between a mind full of motivation and a body burdened with physical limitation.

The book captures not just a story, but an inside look at aspects of the human psyche. Sniderman shares a full spectrum of feelings and honest emotions as she battles the internal effects of illness. The unique vantage point of this memoir documents how creative drive and artistic expression have the ability to save one’s internal state and provide the energy needed to persevere through darkness. Sniderman’s pursuit of excellence will touch a broad audience beyond the chronic illness and art communities. This book is not even just for anyone facing a struggle, but for anyone who has a dream. All dreams have external barriers and this one just happens to be surrounding ill health. This book is an account of what drives one to live out a dream and pursue passion.


As a fellow artist living with another rare debilitating chronic illness, this book gave me new hope for the pursuit of a career considered fantasy even to those who are a well!( a contemporary painter ). Before DM, Sniderman once juggled two careers as an environmental scientists and a musician. Eventually forced to quite her day job, she continued to pursue music and a variety of artistic endeavors. Her art career developed under the muse name of Aoede, all the while in and out of hospital treatments and homebound a majority of the time. Sniderman’s art still managed to break through numerous career milestones in a manner most artists only dream of. A full list of her published work, accomplishments and honorable collaborations can be found on Wikipedia, wiki Aoede (Lisa Sniderman).

Aside from the beautiful story, this book contains valuable information and resource lists for chronic illness patients. Sniderman’s ambitions may inspire and give hope to patients paralyzed by the mental burden of illness, but even more so helps validate the struggles an overly ambitious patient faces. Her rare patient perspective highlights the truth behind physical limitations and spreads a message society so desperately needs to hear!

Modern media celebrates those who appear to “overcome” illness in a way that depicts health and physical ability as something a person has the choice to fight for. While it is true that our individual choices impact our bodies, this mindset is commonly taken to the extreme implying that patients can reach health solely with the power of their will. In reality, stubbornness and denial of illness can in fact lead to health set backs and can even be a sign of serious psychological disturbances. Sniderman’s story gracefully shows us how ignoring one’s health is not in any way to be equivocated with overcoming it.

In conclusion, this is a journey of learning to embrace the present moment with both honesty and openness. Sniderman teaches us that satisfaction and peace are found internally. She helps us believe that even in the darkest moments there are opportunities to learn and grow. This story will leave every reader with an added glimpse of hope for the possibility of living out a dream.

Artists who use creativity to help heal, can connect with others the Facebook Community: “Lights in the Darkness-Creating to Heal”

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