Antigravity Yoga Hammock / Swing

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Origin of The Antigravity Yoga Hammock

The Antigravity Yoga Hammock was released to the public in 2007 as a new type of yoga was born. Antigravity fitness combines traditionally yoga poses with dance and pilates type movement.  More recently, antigravity restorative yoga was developed to include people who aren’t able to safely leave the ground.  However, you really don’t need to do any yoga to find a way to benefit from this swing.

Watch “How The Anti-Gravity Fitness Trend Started

Personal Experience

IMG_2951I originally bought this yoga swing simply to use as a back inverter, but stumbled on many other great benefits. I mainly use it for stretching and assisting in movements I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. It’s extremely helpful for proprioceptive exercises. The main issue I’ve found is how overall dangerous is can be if used incorrectly.  I only use the sing when someone else in case I get stuck in a funky position, which has happened on several occasions.

Watch “Antigravity Yoga Swing (Hammock) test #1 “



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