Surviving an Airplane Ride with EDS

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5 Tips For Surviving A Plane Ride With EDS

1) Ask for the wheelchair assistance and pre-bording.  Even if you don’t know if you “really” need it…it’s generally better to use any extra help when traveling. Pre- bording can be a life saver if you prefer to sit the bulk head, the front row with extra leg space.

2) Pillows! My best recommendations are the posey ankle pillow & the bean pillow because of their versatility.

Read more about the Posey Ankle Pillow 


EazyFeet Airplane Footrest 

3) The airplane foot hammock / footrest by EazyFeet

Watch live demonstration of the EasyFeet foot sling  

EazyFeet Amazon purchase link 





hot packs 2
Portable hand warmers by Little Hotties

4) Consider dressing in layers and bringing heating and /or cooling products for temperature control.

Read more about heat products 





5) Be prepared to steady yourself for takeoff and landing. You can check out this video link for a pilots explanation on how to best position yourself.


suitcase as foot rest
Travers Pro Tip: suitcase = portable foot rest

CLICK HERE to watch the “Surviving a Plane Ride With EDS Youtube

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