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Top 3 Heating Tips for EDS

Heating products are an important tool for coping with EDS. They can used to help manage pain, temperature irregularity associated with dysautonomia, and Raynaud’s disease.  Here’s a list of my personal favorites findings! 

1) Portable heat packs: I highly recommended these anyone who struggles with Raynauds or cold extremities. They are super portable and heat up within minutes! They can also be used to deal with muscle spasm and pain from non traumatic subluxations/ dislocations ( note that anything prone to inflammation probably should be iced not heated). The hand warmers I use are by Little Hotties, “all-natural, disposable hand, body, and toe warmers, 8 hours, just open an shake.”

hot packs 2
Portable hand warmers by Little Hotties

2) Moist Heating Pads: These types of heating devices produces a moist heat which comes from steam. Moist heat distributes more effectively and is able to penetrate deeper layers of tissue than electrical heat. It also has a greater effect on increasing blood flow a great response from the body temperature receptors than regular regular.

Jacket 3
winter vest & the “Foot Furnace” socks

3) Insulation for Sleep: After years of unsuccessful attempts to stay warm with a heated blanket, I switched to an insulation approach. I now use a winter vest and insulated foot warmers to keep my own body from loosing heat in the first place! The Foot Furnace, by RosCos are slippers made like jackets for your feet. They are insulating, but breathable and are super portable. I also use them for plane rides, travel, and unexpected air conditioning encounters.

insulating foot warmers
The Foot Furnace insulating socks by RosCos


Thanks for your patience as learn how to mix creativity and my elementary digital design skills into Embrace The Brace. I’m going to be doing a lot of experimenting! It’s going to get a little weird, slightly silly and super cliche. BTW, in case you didn’t get the heat joke… I’m wearing a welding mask a ( heating tips).

Jacket 4


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