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PrettySick Supply Company is an online directory for fashionable medical equipment. The site is filled with links for beautifully designed masks, mobility aids, and compression garments. PrettySick also includes links to one of a kind Etsy shops. Items range from specialized covers for medical equipment to apparel designed for a range of chronic illnesses and conditions. The company is just getting started and their website is already fully functional and filled with unique resources for living well and pretty with chronic illness.

Site Layout

As of right now the main portion of the website is located under the Shop tab. There’s also, DIY video tutorials with more to come shortly!

prettysick shop

SHOP: This is where you’ll find links to all forms of adorable, fashionable, and personalized medical supplies.

To help you easily find what you’re looking for these products are sorted into the following categories:

Covers, Mobility, Diabetes, Masks, Medication, Splints, Compression, Toys, Aids & Accessories, Art & Jewelry, Miscellaneous

The categories are organized and logical. Additionally, each product is accompanied by a high quality photo!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.25.29

About PrettySick Supply Company

How did PrettySick Begin?

The story behind PrettySick Supply Company is one most any chronic illness warrior is familiar with… SarahCate became ill at the age of 29 and wanted a way to brighten up her medical supplies. The quest to simply find medical equipment to matched her tastes shouldn’t have been a problem in this day and age! Yet after scouring the Internet for days, she realized there was a huge problem at hand. Finding pretty medical equipment is somewhat analogous to searching for a needle in a haystack. SarahCate immediately thought, “if I had the capital, I’d make a store JUST to carry and sell ‘pretty’ medical gear and supplies.” After discussing this dilemma with friend and fellow chronic illness warrior, Kris, they soon realized they could actually implement the idea by using an online platform and thus PrettySick Supply Company was born!

Planning began in May and the website was launched in July 2017. PrettySick is owned and run by SarahCate and Kris who explains,“Basically I’m the brawn (money) of the project while SarahCate is the brains (creativity) of the project.” It sure sounds like this determined duo is about to revolutionize the entire medical supply industry!

DIY: This is where you’ll find video tutorials for how to decorate and personalize your own medical supplies.



Guided video tutorials for Use, Play, and Wear

PrettySick Community

PrettySick is excited to collaborate and work in partnership with the chronic illness community. I think this group mentality will truly launch them towards success. I love that they support individuals by showcasing Etsy accounts. A community vibe surrounds their entire business. “Our parallel priority is to support makers within our community.” With such genuine goals they are bound to play an integral role in the development of products made for and by chronic illness warriors.

SarahCate explains, “I’m most passionate about connecting the chronic community with better and more beautiful products as I understand the struggle to find them myself.” Since both SarahCate and Kris are both familiar with their fair share of chronic illnesses, they understand what the chronic illness community needs more than any medical supply story ever could.

Join the PrettySick Facebook Community

Contact PrettySick with any ideas, contributions, or suggestions

Future Plans

“Someday, our goal is to be able to offer some of the more mass-produced products to you directly.” PrettySick continues to seek out customized medical equipment and aids. Overtime, they hope to find more products to match all the unique styles and needs of the chronic illness community. Their next project is launching the DIY video tutorial section, which will include informational videos on how to decorate and design your own medical gear.

Personal Thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.52.04 PMI’m absolutely ecstatic that this site exists! PrettySick is quite similar to how I originally envisioned Embrace The Brace back in 2014. When I first began Embrace The Brace, it was intended to be a website showcasing decorative bracing and mobility options. I put up a few pictures of my bedazzled cervical collar, sought out to collect images of “beautiful braces” and left it be until I was inspired again in 2017. I then relaunched the site to include a much more comprehensive vision of how to “Embrace The Brace. ” This new platform is about embracing all of life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome through the same mindset as embracing a brace…. If you must wear, do it, or be it,  you might as do your best to love it all. Somehow there’s a way to bridge the gap between chronic illness and living your life to it’s fullest no matter how unusual or uniquely  you must live, you can find a way to enjoy the small things in life.

My experience with bracing and medical equipment has shown me that access to personalized medical equipment can make all the difference in a patient’s life! Standing out as a medical oddity is difficult.  Having the ability to turn something awkward into something lovely makes a huge difference in the patient’s quality of life. I dream of the day when braces will be as customizable as a t-shirt. I can see that this day is rapidly approaching and I hope to be a part of the design team! I’m a visual artist and I create patterns for apparel. Theoretically, these patterns could easily be used for medical gear.

I am considering returning to school for a masters in orthotics and prosthetics, although I’m not sure it will be necessary, or possible considering my ups and downs with illness. I’ve spent the last year researching methods to cover my CTO brace and it unfortunately appears that most braces can’t be professionally covered due to the material used for bracing adhesives and paints don’t stick to the surface. It looks like most braces would need to be created out of the plastic design itself, but I will continue my search for more options and keep everyone updated!

*Please do message me if you know of a bracing company who would be interested in using my patterns.  I’m happy to supplie images free of charge as long as proper credit is given for my work.

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