The Feldenkrais Method

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What is The Feldenkrais Method?

“The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education uses gentle movement and directed attention to help people learn new and more effective ways of living the life they want. You can increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement. Since how you move, is how you move through life, these improvements will often enhance your thinking, emotional regulation, and problem solving capabilities.”

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Feldenkrais FAQ 

How does The Feldenkrais Method help people?


The Feldenkrais Method has helped me more than other form of therapy or PT so far! I practice 20-60 minutes a day to help improve posture & proprioception and reduce pain. I will write a more extensive review in the future, but there’s no need to wait to get started. There are many guided videos available on youtube!

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