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Creating an injury free environment at home is one of the best ways to decrease pain and increase productivity. We live in a world designed for the average human and the Ehlers- Danlos body is anything but average. The good news is that by recognizing that our needs are different, we can change our home environments to appropriately accommodate.

Here are some storage hacks I use to eliminate awkward bending and reaching. I try to keep everything visible and accessible.

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Shoe Organizers: I use clear plastic organizers to make finding things easier, especially since I have no neck mobility. I also cut them in half so that everything hangs high enough and there is no need to bend down. Side note, I’m an artist so that’s what’s up with all the craft supplies… I pretty much only own braces and paint.

Coat Hooks: perfect for storing braces and keeping bags off the ground

hanging braces

Hanging File Bins: perfect for storing clothing, foam, pillows, and lightweight support items.

hanging file bins

Wall Jewelry Display: This works great with limited neck mobility and with unstable fingers picking up small items can be painful and difficult.

jewlery storage

There are many more creative storage solutions out there on there internet. Everyone has a unique situation and you might require different modifications than mine, but I hope these suggestions give you a place to start from!

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