Weighted Blanket Review

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After learning that weighted blankets can help with EDS, I waited quite some time before ordering a several hundred dollar blanket. It seemed like a ridiculous expense and something I could try and make myself…well that wasn’t happening and I’ve been desperate to find any way to get a better nights sleep so I finally decided just to go ahead and order one. However, in my search,  I did find this great video tutorial on how to simply make your own weighted blanket.

Is a several hundred dollar blanket worth it?

YES! This is one of the best EDS products I’ve ever encountered. I received my blanket just over a week ago and for the first time in months I slept well enough to dream again! Resting under the blanket, my body feels safe and comforted. It’s immensely reduced the amount of restless and spasms in my muscles while trying to fall asleep. I’m even considering ordering a second blanket for greater coverage and more weight. Originally, I was concerned the weight of the blanket would make breathing more difficult, but it’s actually turned out to make breathing feel easier since my body is more relaxed.

Here’s a guide chart for recommendations on the proper body weight to blanket weight ratio.


chart by Mosaic Weighted Blankets

I received my blanket at the perfect time. Last week I had a number of bad dislocations and was rather stuck for several days until the joints were fully back in place. I must say the blanket definitely helped with the anxiety of being so immobilized and helpless. The weighted blanket has an immediate calming effect on the brain and body.

As amazing as this blanket is, there are of course some downsides you may want to consider before ordering this product.

Considerations Before Ordering

  • Do you have heat intolerance or night sweats? Overheating is a slight problem with these heavy blankets. I cannot speak on this issue, since I live in a house with others who always keep the temperature too low and I’m happy to have the extra warmth of the blanket.
  • Are you expecting the blanket to fully cover your body? Most weighted blankets are too small to completely cover the body.  Larger blankets do exist at a much higher cost. Make sure to actually measure the length and width of your ideal blanket in order to determine the right blanket for you.
  • Make sure to order a blanket with a washable cover
  • If your sensitive to materials, check out the reviews on the texture of the blankets. In my weighted blanket search, I came across numerous complaints about certain brands being made out of scratchy material, which is especially surprising considered that these blankets were invented for individuals with autism and sensory processing disorders.

I ended up ordering a Minky weighted blanket, 54″*72″, 20 lbs. I only weigh 120 pounds, so according to the chart I should have only needed a 10-15lb blanket, however I know the tension in my muscles is pretty extreme and that I would like to feel stable.  Honestly, even the 20lb isn’t quite enough for me. The material for this blanket is fantastically soft and the cover is easy to remove and wash. My only complaint is that the weighted blanket portions moves around inside the cover and becomes easily displaced. I’m thinking about sewing some buttons inside to attach the weight part to the blanket cover.

Happy Blanket Hunting!


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