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The Benefits of Fresh Pressed Juice for EDS

Whether you have trouble eating enough food, trouble absorbing nutrients, or trouble digesting food fast enough, fresh cold pressed juicing could help you!

Juicing vs. Blending

First, let’s clarify a few things about this special juicing method. Juicing is defined as separating the fibrous plant material from the plant juice. Therefore, nothing made in a blender is ever considered a juice. A blender breaks down plant fibers into smaller fibers and then mixes the small fibers with the liquid juice. BLENDING DOESN’T CREATE PURE JUICE.  Understanding the difference between blending and juicing seems to be major point of confusion. Removal of fiber is the key to consuming large quantities of plant nutrients and is what makes juicing so special.

What is fresh pressed juice?

  • Juice extracted by a grinding/ masticating or centrifugal method, without the use of heat or chemicals
  • Intended to be consumed shortly after production
  • Free of preservatives
  • May or may not be unpasteurized, note that this is wonderful for healing the gut micro biome, but is dangerous for immune deficiency. All store bought juice will contain a warning label if the juice is not pasteurized.  

What is fresh cold pressed juice?

  • Juice extracted by a grinding/masticating method, this is opposed to a high speed centrifuge or the use of heat and chemicals as these methods destroy nutrients in the production process

Where can you get fresh cold pressed juice ?

  1. Health food stores such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, limited selections and very expensive IMG_3422
  2. Local juice bars, usually a better selection and more customized options, but even more expensive! also many juice bars use the centrifugal juicing method as opposed to the masticating one which retains more nutrients
  3. Home made, you can buy your own juicer if fresh juice is something you want to regularly consume. You should consider if the juicer is masticating or centrifugal and how large the opening. Remember that cutting produce can be hard on the wrist and finger joints. I definitely think home made juicing is by far the best option with EDS, since it gives you  full control over the ingredients.

I use an Omega juicer. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with a 10-15 year warranty!  Be sure to check out the refurbished section if you’re trying to save money. Overall I think this juicer is worth the price.  I’ve been regularly using mine for over almost three years now without a single problem. My only complaint is the size of the opening, especially since I have one from the “8000 series”.  If you have trouble cutting, I recommend you get one from the”vertical” series since these have a much larger opening.


Why I Started Juicing  

IMG_0282Juicing is literally saving my life. I slowly lost the ability to digest fibrous plants due to a dysmotility disorder. Without fresh pressed juice, the only vegetables I can safely eat are baked carrots and squash. The combination of my gastroparesis (GP), dysmotility, and MCAD make it very hard to consume enough calories and nutrients for proper growth and survival. Juicing allows me to drink the nutrients from fruits and vegetables I could otherwise not digest. At this point in time, I don’t think I’ve eaten a single vegetable for at least 8 months. Considering the extreme limitations of my diet, my doctors are always surprised to see how good my blood work generally comes out! I thank juicing and Orgain for my ability to maintain oral nutrition.


 Special Considerations & Benefits For EDS

Dysmotility & GPIMG_1236

  • The perfect way to intake the nutrients from all the dangerous leafy greens we miss out on, green apples are a great way to hide the taste
  • Mix a variety of colors to consume an array of nutrients
  • Freeze your juice into homemade popsicles to consume nutrients at a slower rate
  • Be careful with acidic juices from the citrus fruit family… with GP you don’t want the acid sitting in the stomach for a long time


  • With the freshness of this juice, you should be able to eat a wider variety of nutrients than with usual juice, jam, frozen, or persevered products
  • Assume you can tolerate about half the shelf life of fresh juice, example) “stays fresh for 5 days” consume by the 3rd day
  • By juicing, you’re consuming large quantities of produce meaning any sensitivities to pollen or pesticides on the outside of plants can add up to cause allergic reactions
  • Use organic produce!
  • Wash produce in vinegar water to remove any chemicals
  • Again, since this is larger amounts of produce than usual so be extra careful about monitoring the amount of histamine containing & generating ingredients



In future posts, I’ll be sharing my favorite juicing recipes so stay tuned! For easy navigation, all recipes will be posted in Daily Living under the Nutrition tab.



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