Singing Bowls

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The healing power of sound is an ancient concept. Spiritual practices have involved sounds and rhythm for thousands of years. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the therapeutic effects of singing bowls.  It’s something I’ve vaguely heard of for years and never would sought out to try until I was thrown into the experience by accident.

After accidentally stumbling into two separate sound healing sessions within a single month, it seems that the universe is calling me towards this special practice. There’s surely a lot more going on during these sessions than science can directly explain.  I encourage everyone to try and attend a live singing bowl session to learn more about what the healing power of sound can do for your body and mind. After being blown away by my own personal response to singing bowls, I tried to find an explanation.

Research has shown the sounds of singing bowls have a physical affect on the body. Singing bowls produce noise at the fundamental frequency which is the lowest musical wave form, also known as the first harmonic. These sounds lower both the heart and respiratory rate. In turn this, promotes activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system. With EDS, POTS can alter the autonomic nervous system. In POTS patients the sympathetics remain overly activating at inappropriate times. Singing bowls or any other type of calming practice can help decrease symptoms of POTS.

Decreasing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system helps produce a sense of calmness and mental clarity. Keeping the autonomic system in balance is important for both immune and digestive function as well as appropriately responding to physical and emotional stress. In the future, I’ll be going over more ways use meditation and mindfulness to help manage the symptoms of POTS. The problem surely doesn’t go away, but there’s definitely a way to have some control over your bodies response to the problem.

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Sound healing session May 6th with Willow Beseda

learn more from Willow or book a sound healing session in Saint Louis, MO

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