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I discovered the tricycle just over a year ago. I first tried out the trike on a beach vacation and immediately knew it was my new favorite form of exercise and transportation!

Given that I’m in this neck brace and can’t drive, transportation is always a problem. The trike is a great way to independently go on short journeys. Most trikes have a huge basket in the back for groceries, extra braces, and plenty of water.

Triking For Exercise


  • Three wheels provide extra stability for anyone with impaired balanced or  proprioception
  • Excellent core and leg workout
  • The seat allows you to sit up straight, unlike a regular bike which causes an arched back
  • The chance to exercise outdoors!
  • Increased visibility and safety compared to recumbent road bikes, trikes are also way cheaper than the recumbents
  • Riding on multiple terrains helps  build multiple muscle groups as compared to stationary bikes which continuously work the same muscles


  • Bikeing  is inherently dangerous, falling may not be worth the risk depending on your personal health situation
  • Going up hills can be hard on the SI joint
  • Any type of  bike handle can be difficult to grip with EDS, make sure you trust your grip enough to have control over the handle breaks
  • Not all sidewalks have space for the width of the trike
  • The trike doesn’t fit in most vehicles, so unless you live in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood you might not have anywhere to ride

Triking Tips

  • Stay away from big hills and busy streets
  • Purchase a pre-assembled tike, trust me the hassle is not worth it and may end up costing you more money
  • Soft thumb braces help with gripping the handles
  • CWX leggings or KT tape can help support the hips and knees

Happy Triking!

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