3D Printed Ring Splints

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Silver Ring Splints are an amazing product, but they are not affordable or easily replaceable! Even if insurance covers the cost of some rings, it’s likely that you will loose or break multiple rings each year.  Being an artist and living an active life style I depend on my rings to function. Unfortunately, I’m usually too scared to wear the DIP rings out of the house because of the likelihood and the cost of loosing them.

In the spring of 2016, I used a 3D printer to reproduce a set of oval 8 splints.  The concept is wonderful, but the plastic cracked within the first week of use and they weren’t strong enough to fully hold my fingers in place. In the future, I would like to re-explore this project with a different type of plastic and a different ring design. Until then, I encourage anyone interested in 3D printing to try it out and see what they come up with!  The hardest part is coming up with a design that can be easily manipulated by a ratio for custom sizing. If your interested in what I came up with, I’m happy to email you the STL file.



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