Orgain: A Meal Replacement Shake Made of REAL FOOD

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What’s not inside Orgain, is almost more important than what is inside! 

  • Organic
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free
  • Free of Preservatives and Artificial Flavors

With EDS, staying away from common allergy triggers and chemicals is important for proper digestion. Everyone with EDS has different levels of what they can tolerate. As a whole, our systems are super sensitive to anything that could be considered a foreign substance to the immune system. This is especially true if you also have an abnormally  responsive or active mast cells, known as Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD).


 Orgain is Easy To Use  

  • No chalky taste
  • No excessive sweetness
  • Two flavors vanilla and chocolate, I recommend the vanilla especially in you want to mix it into a smoothie
  • Comes in a pre made and a powder forms
  • Mixes well with milk and milk alternatives like almond milk


  • MCAD, The chocolate shake is made from coco power which can aggravate MCAD. If you have mast cell abnormalities I would stick with vanilla.
  • Gastroparesis (GP) sensitive to fiber, Their is a decent amount of fiber in the meal replacement version of this shake which could be a problem depending on the cause and severity level of your GP. The protein shake has less fiber than the meal replacement version. My dysmotility is widespread and although the increased fiber is bad for GP it does help to have some level of fiber to help move food through the intestines and colon… it’s a careful balance.

Keeping up with nutrition can be a nightmare with EDS! There are an endless number of comorbid disorders and conditions, which both directly and indirectly effect digestion. Wether you can’t eat due to lack of appetite, dysmotility, allergies, or jaw pain, supplemental  liquid nutrition can help. Orgain comes in both a powder and prepackaged shake.


Why I Moved Towards a Liquid Diet 

I’ve been on and off a mainly liquid  diet for over three years. I struggled to find any sort of meal replacement shake made out of whole foods. The liquid diet helps decrease chronic nausea and vomiting caused by gastroparesis and dysmotility. As I was loosing weight and struggling with nutrition, dietitians and doctors recommended nutritional supplements like boost and ensure. Yet, I couldn’t drink more than one of these shakes a day without feeling even sicker. Aside from the increased nausea, these shakes seemed to cause a mental fog. Besides for water, corn syrup is the next most abundant ingredient. I know my body has trouble tolerating high amounts of sugar and I’ve had several episode of post prandial hypoglycemia. Yet, some months I was still drinking three to four Boosts a day just to survive.

IFSC sign 2016 -2Thankfully, I stumbled across Orgain! Since adding Orgain as a daily meal replacement I’ve consistently had enough energy to keep up the amount of exercise my body requires. In the past, I had so many ups and downs with digestion that I couldn’t keep up the physical therapy and strength training necessary to keep my my joints in place. Because of orgain, I can consume enough calories  and nutrition to partake in vigorous strength training. I’m actually in the midst of preparing for a national rock climbing competition.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital with dehydration, pseudo obstructions and severe constipation. I’ve had to relay daily IV fluids for many weeks and months of my life. Hospital room chillin ETB-1If someone would have told me that much of this could be solved by a simple drink I never would have believed them! So far, after switching to using Orgain as my staple meal replacement, I haven’t had any major digestive issues. I drink a minimum of two Orgain meal replacements and one Orgain high protein shake each day. Sometimes I even drink up five or Orgains six a day. Aside from my digestion operating at a semi normal rate, I no longer feel ravishingly hungry. Ironically, getting hungry and eating solid foods is often what causes me to loose more weight and get sicker since, I inevitably get sick or constipated.

I’m not saying that you can live solely on this shake because I can still tolerate small amounts of solid foods and some soft foods like baked fish, squash, and applesauce. I also make an effort to juice fresh fruits and vegetables. In the future, I’ll be providing more information about my diet and possibly some recipes for fresh juice. My current  plan is roughly, 60% Orgain, 20% juice, and 20% solid protein. Thanks for checking out my site, and feel free to ask any and all questions!


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