The “Band It”

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What is the Band It

The Band It is a compression device designed to support the muscles of the forearm and tendons in the elbow. It’s uniquely crafted to provide maximal support throughout rigorous activity. I’ve tried several other products marketed towards elbow tendinitis and this is the only one I’ve found so far that actually stays in place during activity. Many compression products slip and slide out of place. Fabric compression wear tends to gets twisted and folded, causing skin irritation and reducing its effectiveness. The Band It can be fastened tightly and stays in place during motion. Its securely supportive without digging into the skin or effecting the circulation.

Band It Amazon pic_
The Band It via Amazon 

Special Features 

  • Fully adjustable to securely fit all sizes
  • Creates an extremely snug fit without comprising circulation or irritation the skin
  • Lined with a nonslip material
  • Remains in place during rigorous activity
  • Easy to take on and off


With EDS we make long term investments into support products and considering durability is especially important. This is an Extremely durable product. The Velcro is strong and holds up with long term use. Often times Velcro gets worn during washings, but with these bands you can clean and sanitize the surface of the band without even getting the Velcro wet.

My Band It Experience 

I originally purchased the Band It to support my elbows while painting and using the computer.  I have tendentious on both sides of my elbows, known as tennis and golfers elbow.

The Band It works perfectly for this job. I liked the supportive feeling from the Band It and soon began to expand its uses. In terms of forearm support ,I use the Band It for weight lifting, computer work, and even eating when my elbow is acting up. When I’m wearing the Band It, I always have less elbow pain. This brace improves the mechanics in both my forearm and wrist. Overall the added support decreases my chances for dislocations, especially at the wrist.

I’ve also expended the use of the Band It beyond the forearms. I would love for the Band It manufacturers to make more tendon support products. I’ve experimented with using the bands to support the ankle and upper arm. I’m small enough that the elbow band works fairly well, but this concept could easily be expanded to bands that are formed to various sections of the body. I’ve especially enjoyed using the Band It to support my ankles during rowing sessions.

rower with Band It -5

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