Voice Journaling

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Voice journaling is the only creative outlet I can find where I don’t have to move a single muscle! Its a great thing to do if you are limited by writing or typing do to pain. Since I’ve started voice journaling, my mind is clear and organized for the first time. I am finally free to create without pain. I didn’t even realize how my much my ability to create and compose was effected by the pain in my hands until I discovered this freedom. Voice journaling is a good tool if you find yourself physically immobilized and mentally overactive. When I’m resting or stuck with a dislocation, I can use voice journalling to work on long term projects, write out my grocery list, or even compose a short story or poem.

I usually use the recording app on my phone. I also have a higher quality voice recorder that I can play to my computer for dictation purposes. I use dragon dictate to transcribe my recordings. The main problem with this is, that you still have to add in punctuation later. I’m still in the process of learning how to edit and utilize the keyboard hands free.

Have a happy time creating hands free! 

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