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Electrolytes are often the first thing you hear about when diagnosed with POTS or dysautonomia. It seems simple enough to understand, but the amount of products out there are totally overwhelming! Remember that everyone’s body is different you may need to try several different formulas to find the right one.

electrolites to go

I’ve used all of these electrolytes and had the most luck with NormaLyte. Here’s a chart from the package showing how it has less sugar than other common formulas.

Normal Lyte Info

Overall one of the most important distinctions you are going to need to make is wether you want sugar (glucose) in your electrolytes. Personally sugary drinks tend to make me more nauseous, so I avoid them. However, you have to pay close attention to sugar free options to see what kind of artificial sweeteners are being used to replaced the sugar.

Here’s a list of rehydration options I received from my doctor. 

Oral Rehydration Solutions!

Tips For Taking an ORS

After experimenting with all of these products, I still couldn’t find the proper regiment. I actually think they were probably making things worse at times. Instead of these supplements, I’ve learned to listen to my bodies natural salt cravings. I simply add as much salt to as many things as I feel need salt… which is essentially everything! When I’m having extreme salt cravings, I regularly drink pick juice or chicken broth with extra salt.

drinking pickle juice

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