Bathroom Modifications

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I’ve tried to modify my home environment to reduce pain and injures. Here’s a list of the modifications and products I’ve added to my bathroom. Most of these tips and tricks I’v put together on my own, but the accessible toilet flusher was invented by an occupational therapist from Barnes hospital system in St. Louis, MO.

Toilet handle hack

Accessible toilet flusher: for anyone who has difficulty with simultaneous bending and reaching.

Hanging trashcan: for anyone with hip instability or back problems bending down is best to avoid. Another trick I use is to keep a pile of trash bags inside the hanging trashcan. This way when I need a new one they are already easily accessible.

Ergonomic Toothbrush: for anyone with wrist or finger instability. Another trick I’ve learned is to brush the left side of the mouth with the right hand and the right side of the mouth with the left. Reach far over my body seems to put less stress on my shoulders. Additionally, I try and use my body symmetrically whenever the opportunity arises.

Shower stool: for anyone with POTs, fatigue, or anyone prone to slipping. With EDS the shower is a scary place. The combination of poor proprioception and wet tile with slippery soap is an accident waiting to happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this case.


Hair washer: for anyone with shoulder or scapular instability scrubbing the top of the head can be quit a challenge. Here’s the amazon link to the product I’ve been using: Hair Washer

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