Multifunctional Support Pillows

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posey pillows recovering hospital

I bought these pillows, in 2015 to help me stay comfortable while recovering from back surgery. Since then, I haven’t slept a night without them.  I’ve dragged these pillows all across the country with me.  Without them, my ankles are spastic and afraid to relax, which makes it hard to sleep at night and adds to my chronic back pain.

Using the multifunctional doughnut pillows

Posey pillow on plane etb_
arm rest pillow
  • Resting your ankles
  • Resting your shoulder after a dislocation, perfect for people who can’t use slang’s
  • Using them as a portable arm rest to rest your arms while traveling on long car, train, or plane rides .
  • Supporting your forearm during activities like writing, Drawing, Typing




The only downside to these pillows, is how much they cost. Given that they are just a simple piece foam, the price is pretty ridiculous. Unfortunately, I’ve tried out similar pillows from other brands and they just don’t work like these pillows do.

purchase the Posey Foot Elevator

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  1. Thank you for sharing what has been helpful for you. . I know this information will be so very helpful for people with EDS. You are an inspiration !

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