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Floating in a sensory deprivation tank should be considered an actual treatment for EDS.  A sensory deprivation tank is filled with so much salt that you completely float above the water without any effort. In effect, this totally reverses the force of gravity. Once gravity is eliminated, you can relax, rest, and rejuvenate in new ways.

You can learn more about why I started floating and how it’s change my life by watching this video.

A Summary of my experience floating with EDS

Everything stated in this article is based on personal experience and may or may not apply to other EDSers… let’s get more zebras floating to find out!

Here’s a list of the physical benefits I experience while floating:

  • A chance to reset any partially dislocated joints
  • The opportunity to learn diaphragmatic breathing, I’ve been referred to this treatment many times with little success until I tried it inside the float tank.
  • The ability to utilize muscles and practice PT too difficult for land
  • The ability to fully and somewhat safely stretch
  • New insight into understanding the bodies true neutral position
  • A chance to uncover the root cause of pain

Most people go into a float tank to reduce racing thoughts, but I go into the float tank to increase thinking. It’s one of the only times my mind isn’t constantly interrupted by signals of pain and discomfort. However, I’ve yet to experience a true release from the body. Even in the zero gravity environment, I’m not able to fully relax. Whenever I come close to full relaxation, either my scapula spasms upwards or my jaw drops down in a way that prevents me from taking a full breath.

Since I can’t yet fully relax my body, I can’t give any information on how the sensory deprivation tank can heal the mind. However, there may be more taking place than I’m aware. The positive effects I feel from the 90 minutes of relaxation lasts for days after the float. The extraordinary relief I receive from the float tank seems to reduce my symptoms of POTS. It’s possible that the tank turns on the parasympathetic nervous in such a strong way that it helps stop the inappropriate feedback cycle involved with hyper-adronergic POTS. Or, it may be in response to the reduction in pain or increased sense of well being.

Are there any long lasting effects?

  • An increased sense of hope by the idea that there is a chance for relief the body.
  •  The entire nervous system gets rebooted and that seems to increase proprioception and muscle strength for days after the float.
  • A reduction in POTS symptoms in the days following the float.

Is there anything to watch out for while floating with EDS?

  • Be careful not to overstretch even though it feels good and freeing
  • If you have a history of spastic muscles, they may get aggravated as the muscular system tries to relax.
  • Be careful when you get out of the tank. Before I went to the tank, this was actually my greatest concern.  I have a great deal of trouble adjusting to land after being in the pool. However, to my surprise, getting out of the tank I felt stronger, not floppier.
  • It’s an expensive and addicting form of relief.

It looks like floating will eventually be covered under most insurance policies as a treatment for chronic pain conditions. Until then, you can try and work with your insurance company to see if there is any way to submit the floating for even a partial deduction. Personally, I’ve been looking into getting a tank in my home. Their is an easy to install tank made by Zen Float Co starting at 1,850 dollars. This is cheaper than that floating once a week for only a year. Here’s a link to there website for more information. 



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