The Zero Gravity Chair

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Over the last several years I’ve searched the entire earth for a chair that doesn’t cause me more pain. Eventually I stumbled upon the greatest chair known to mankind. Not only does this not hurt, it actually relieves my discomfort! It’s simply called a zero gravity recliner.

Here’s a link to chairs I’ve purchased from Amazon: Zero Gravity Recliner

*You can also find the chair at most large department stores and home improvement shops like HomeDepot or Lowes.

I use this chair to give my body the rest it needs to function during the day. Since using this chair to rest in, I’ve eliminated the need for a midday nap. It’s all thanks to this chair that I’m able to think clearly enough to be able to work on this blog. With EDS, the body physically needs more rest than the brain. This incongruence is often what drives us to ignore the body and push past fatigue and pain. With this chair you will have the opportunity to remain productive and mentally active while giving the body the true rest it needs. Everyone needs these small rests throughout the day and for most people this is what sitting in a regular chair really is. With EDS, sitting in a chair is more similar to holding a long and strenuous yoga pose than which is why holding these poses all day generally ends in discomfort and eventual slouching.

Thankfully this chair is both affordable and portable! I currently own four of them and have recently been encouraging any friends and family who would like to see me on a regular basis to invest in one as well. Bringing the chair with me to social events has opened a whole new world of being able to socialize in comfort! I now refuse to attend any social event without my special chair. Once I felt how enjoyable it is to be able to talk to people in comfort, I’ve been opened up to a whole new dimension of life.Plus, it’s easy to fold up the chair and keep it in the trunk of your car. Now only if I could drive, or transport the chair myself, I would probably never be home again!

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