Skin Care Routine

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Weekly Skin Routine: for protection, dryness, and exfoliation 

  • Cetaphil 1x weekly
  • Petroleum Jelly 1x weekly
  • Olive Oil 2x weekly
  • Exfoliate 1-2x weekly ( depends on the season)


Protecting the skin is important for all types of. These products add an outer layer of protection to our fragile skin. The protective coat helps prevent scrapes and cuts. It also helps prevent issues with contact dermatitis, getting redness, itching and hives from contact with materials and allergens. If you have issues with clothing sensitivity, regularly using these products decreases sensitivity to the elastic bands and scratchy materials found in clothes.

  • Petroleum Jelly 1x weekly
  • Cetaphil 1x weekly


I find that my skin is excessively dry even when it feels soft to the touch. My skin never appears to be dry or flaky.  However, I can tell when it gets dry because it hurts when it rubs against my clothing. It gets lighter and duller the dryer it gets as the skin cells die and loose opacity.

  • Olive Oil 2x weekly
  • Take the time to rub in the olive oil and make sure every inch of the body is fully covered.
  • If you have a tile floor be careful not to slip on oily feet. Have a pair of socks ready to put on.


As my skin cells die they don’t naturally fall off and flake away. I use a sandy scrub twice a week to remove the dead skin cells. If I don’t use the scrub often enough, my skin will only roll off with the force of a towel, which happens as I’m drying off after bathing.  If my skin rolls off in this way, I get an allergic reaction to the physical trauma and develop hives (MCAD). Keeping the skin exfoliated prevents this type of allergic reaction. Note that using a soft cotton shirt to dry the skin can also help prevent hives.

Keeping the skin exfoliated also helps  cuts and scrapes heal faster. Since my healing time is 2-3 times slower than normal anything I can do to speed up the healing is significant. I don’t know why exfoliation increases healing time. I would  guess that removing dead skin cells initiates a signally cascade that sends a message to the underlying layers dermal layers and promote the replication and division of skin cells in the basal layer.

  • Exfoliate 1-2x weekly ( depends on the season)
  • Be careful not to scrub too hard.  Scrub using your hands. Never use a washcloth or sponge in  because you may end up scrubbing too hard and this could trigger an allergic reaction.

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